Food testset. Serie 6.

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Testset food testset Serie 6. See content in English.

LTS6 Testset foodstuffs

This testset contains up to 180 different foodstuffs

The ampoules in the columns A, B, C and D contains one pure food, dried if possible and without conservatives. Every ampoule of the additional "T" column contains ¼ of the substances from the ampoules A, B, C and D with the same number. This allows a faster testing of the hole set.





Histamine Serotonine Tyramin Phenylethylamin
Gliadin Gluten from wheat Salicylic acid Phosphate
Milk Evaporated milk White of egg Yolk
Yoghurt Bifidus Curdled milk Kefir
Cream Butter-milk Curds .
Butter Margarine Peanut oil Fried oil
Thistle oil Sunflower oil Olive Oil Rape oil
Cheese hard Cheese soft Mutton cheese Camembert
Pork Beef Veal Lamb
Chicken Hare Turkey Tofu
Trout Cod fish Flounder Shrimp
Wheat Starch of wheat Wheat bran Kollath flakes
Rolled oats Oats bran Rye Spelt
Maize Starch of maize Starch of potato Buckwheat
Rice Barley Millet Poppy
Linseed Sesame Soya Lentil
Pea yellow Pea green Pumpkin pip Sunflower pip
White sugar Can-sugar Beet sugar Fruit sugar
Milk sugar Liquorice Honey .
Sorbitol Mannitol Xylitol Palatinose
Maltitol Saccharine Cyclamate Aspartame
Salt Sea salt Sodium fluoride Sodium iodide
Trocomare Herbamare Glutamate Pickle salt
Coffee espresso Coffee Onko S Coffee Hag Nescafe
Cafino cereal Cocoa Black Tea Green tea
Caffeine Quinine Taurin Isostar
Yeast Backing powder Gelatine Pectin from apples
Pollen Chocolate-powder Vanilla Saffron
Fruit-vinegar Wine-vinegar Cenovis Maggi
Hazel-nut Walnut Peanut Almond
Brazil-nut Pecan-nut Coconut Pistachio nut
Peppermint Hip Camomile Limetree blossom
Field mushroom Morel Herbsttrompete Boletus
White wine Red wine Beer Cognac
Potato Carrot Beetroot Radish
Red radish Celeriac Kohlrabi Onion
Savoy Red cabbage Brussels sprouts Cauliflower
Broccoli Fennel Leek Paprika
Cucumber Courgette Melon Beans
Garlic Parsley Chive Pepper
Tomato Ketchup . .
Apple Pear Grape Currant raisin
Peach Nectarine Apricot Prune
Cherry Pineapple Banana Fig
Strawberry Raspberry Blackberry Red currant
Orange Tangerine Grapefruit Lemon

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